Review: Sidelines Pub and Grub

Fresh. Homemade. Made from scratch. This is how the food is prepared at Sidelines Family Pub & Grub in Madison.

The veggies aren’t microwaved; they’re steamed fresh. The chicken is hand cut, hand breaded and fried to order. Their mac and cheese and mashed potatoes are made from scratch and so delicious. Nothing is frozen. Their hot dogs are all beef. Their bread is sour dough rolls and they have GREAT bacon!

What’s On the Menu & Prices

The menu offers are wide variety of bar food and comfort foods like burgers, pot roast, chicken and dressing, chicken fried chicken, meat loaf, fish, and steak. There are also salads, sandwiches and pastas. Most items are $7.00 to $10.00. Watch their Facebook page if you want to find out their daily special, which is often a new food item not on the menu. Their kids menu offers smaller portions of their food, all fresh and homemade. Kids menu items are $4.50 to $4.99.

Sidelines Food Collage

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I ordered their build your own burger with mac and cheese. The sour dough roll was a delicious bread to serve it with and the mac and cheese was gooey and creamy. My mommy friend ordered their fish tacos with broccoli. She said they were really good, and they had large pieces of fish in them and served with a spicy mayo. My other mommy friend ordered chicken and dressing with broccoli and fries and she said it was a great comfort food. We were too stuffed to order dessert but I hear the peanut butter pie is amazing!

Sidelines Collage

Family Friendly Game-Watching

And if you’re looking for a place to watch sports, Sidelines has 33 TVs and are adding more outside on their large patio. Check out their appetizers—potato skins, wings, chicken fingers, nachos and more! While you’re watching the game, your kids can enjoy the game room which has two Xboxes, two low-positioned TVs, and comfortable seating. It also offers a variety of other games, and all of it is free of charge. You can sit nearby and keep an eye on your kids while they play—or you can play the games yourself! Their kitchen is open until 1:00 a.m. Sidelines also has a weekly trivia night that is family friendly. They even award prizes to the winners!

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This is definitely your go-to location for NFL and SEC football. (Sidelines has to stay neutral when it comes to sports teams, but FYI, one of the owners is Chris Anderson who played for the Alabama ’92 championship team.)


Sidelines Pub and Grub
7407 Highway 72 West, Suite H, Madison (map)
Phone:(256) 945-7806
Sidelines Madison Facebook Page


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  • Ate here for the first time 3 weeks ago,came in for an alabama game,first off they had problems even finding the game on a tv, then i ordered a sandwich,and it came out greasy , then it was so cold you could freeze meat in there. All in all ill never set foot again in this place.

  • Wow – that’s definitely a starkly different experience than our reviewer! Thanks for letting us know – hopefully their service & food will be more consistent.

  • Was trying impress my friend by coming here thinking it was a good place to watch the game and I was wrong. I WILL NEVER, EVER go there again rude and terrible service.

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