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The Biggest Vote You Can Make December 12th Is For Your Kids

The Biggest Vote You Can Make December 12th Is For Your Kids

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you want something done, ask a busy person?” Well we know parents are BUSY. Between work, school, running a household, lack of sleep, driving kids around, and the holidays, you have enough to do. Reading up on the news or watching a local broadcast might be low on your priority list. But when something affects local families this much, we want you to be aware of it. The upcoming special election to renew property taxes for school funding is something that needs to get done, and we’re asking busy parents to take charge and DO IT.

Individuals vs Issues

Sure, the national spotlight is on Alabama right now for the Senate election happening on December 12th between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. It’s an ugly race, and lots of people feel frustrated about politics and might be tempted to check out entirely. But there’s something else that will be on that same ballot that could affect your daily life, and the life of your kids, for years to come.

You will also see on your ballot several renewals for property taxes. These renewals are for existing taxes – NOT additional taxes – that are essential for our public schools. The property tax renewals you’ll see December 12th are solely for school funding of Huntsville City, Madison City, and Madison County School Systems. They have a lot to lose if they aren’t renewed.

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We want to be clear here.

  • These taxes are not new.
  • You are not voting for a tax increase.
  • Taxes will not benefit the General Fund.
Click for more details from The Schools Foundation

Think About What Could Be Lost

If busy parents like you choose not to show up and vote to renew these property taxes, a large chunk of school funding will go away. Students in Madison City Schools would be working with $6,500,000 LESS each year. Madison County School students would have $14,300,000 LESS to achieve their academic goals. Huntsville City School students stand to lose $37,650,000 in funding every year until the next vote.

It’s not every day you can decide the fate of the local education system with a $58,450,000 vote.

We hope you’ll budget the time that day to show up at your local polling place and vote to renew these critical property taxes, even if it’s the only thing you feel like voting on. Rocket City Mom doesn’t make a habit of getting political, but when education funding is tied to who shows up to check the boxes, we feel it’s our responsibility to make sure our Readers know about it.

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Here’s a Sample Ballot if you want to familiarize yourself with what to look for. Be a superhero for local public schools and vote “FOR Proposed Taxation”. But don’t stop there – tell your neighbors, your family, and your friends to do the same.

Our community has always rallied behind our schools to maintain this funding, and it is time to do it again.


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  • I’m in Morgan County. Is this going to be on the State ballot or just specific to Madison Co? Thanks for keeping us informed!!

  • Thank you so much for explaining that extra part to the ballot. I rarely have time to keep up with the local news and knew nothing about this. I already planned on voting, but now it’s a priority to do it.

  • Maintaining the status quo for failure is hardly beneficial to anyone, except politicians. Vote no and demand accountability.

    • Please don’t vote no. It is important that we renew these taxes (vote FOR the renewal.) If you want to vote the school board members out, some of those offices will be on the ballot next year. This is about maintaining important funding. In Huntsville, this would be equivalent to losing 500 teachers. We cannot afford that.

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