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Camp Spotlight: Pine Ridge Day Camp & Equestrian Center

Camp Spotlight: Pine Ridge Day Camp & Equestrian Center

Nestled on 120 acres in Somerville, Alabama, Pine Ridge Day Camp and Equestrian Center offers the perfect escape into nature. With fun outdoor activities for all ages, this camp not only allows campers to make lifelong memories, but challenges them to try new things outside their comfort zone.

We caught up with Camp Director, Kelie Cook, to find out more about Pine Ridge’s upcoming 2021 camp dates.

Pine Ridge Camp Details

Camp Director: Kelie Cook

Phone: 256-778-9999

Location : Somerville, AL

Website | Facebook Page

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Grades/Ages of Campers: 4yrs – 10th grade

Counselor/Camper Ratio: 1:10

Camp Dates: May 31-July 30th, 2021

Cost: $358/week

Is lunch or snack provided if a day camp?  

A morning and afternoon snack are provided, including a hot lunch is served.

What is your camp’s predominant mission/philosophy? 

To provide a summer camp experience to our campers that strives to empower children by engaging them in outdoor activities that are educational, challenging and fun.

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Pine Ridge Campers
Pine Ridge campers enjoy time in nature.

What sets your camp apart from other area programs?

Pine Ridge Day Camp & Equestrian Center is located on over 120 acres.  We provide campers a chance to experience a wide variety of outdoor activities from swimming, archery, horseback riding, and more!  Campers will have to opportunity to set challenges for themselves to grow!  Pine Ridge offers transportation from Decatur, Madison, Huntsville, Hampton Cove, and Priceville for our campers and staff.

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What activity opportunities exist for your campers?
Archery, Slingshot, Horseback Riding, Field Games, Swimming (pool), canoeing (lake), human foosball, hiking, arts & crafts, and more!

What protocols are you following for Covid-19? 

  • Campers who ride the bus to and from camp will be given a health screening, via the FeverFree app, prior to boarding the bus, asked to sanitize hands, and wear a mask during the duration of the bus ride.  Campers will sit one person to a seat unless they are riding the bus with a sibling.
  • Buses will be sanitized each morning after arriving at camp and each evening after returning to camp with a hospital grade disinfectant designated to kill SAR-CO-V2.
  • Where ever possible touchless dispensers, faucets, etc are being installed. 
  • Staff and campers will wear masks at all times unless they are in the lake or pool swimming, actively eating lunch or snack.
  • During lunch, weather permitted, all campers and staff will eat out side.
  • All indoor facilities will be sanitized daily with a hospital grade disinfectant designated to kill SAR-CO-V2.
  • Sanitization of program equipment between users i.e. archery

What advice do you have for parents looking for a camp for their child(ren)?

Camp should be a place where both the parents and campers trust the staff, feel safe, and can have fun.  Camp is a great place for campers to be themselves, feel included and develop independence. Not every camp is for every camper, as a Camp Director I welcome parents to reach out and ask as many questions they need to in order to find the right fit for their child for the summer.