Parent Review: Solomon’s Academy

We had the pleasure of visiting Solomon’s Academy recently, and really enjoyed our class. Solomon’s Academy is a classroom alternative providing Saturday classes, homeschool classes, and Summer camps. I believe this is a valuable local resource for home and public schoolers alike!

 Lisa Culbertson, entrepreneur of Solomon’s Academy, LLC, has more than 15 years of teaching experience in homeschooling and has been a public school educator in Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and New York. She is a graduate of Ball State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Health Science and Safety endorsement, and Science endorsement.

Solomons Academy 2

The school is conveniently located on Highway 72 just over Chapman mountain as you enter Brownsboro (about 10 minutes from downtown Huntsville). There was plenty of parking, and, while the school is located at Lisa’s home, there is a separate entrance. I really loved that you enter through the parent waiting area and then go through to the classroom so that visitors can be fielded before being in the room with the children. The parent waiting area had a large work table and chairs so I was able to work while the children were in class. 

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Solomons Academy class

Lisa’s classroom is a brightly lit room with ample resources and space for 5-10 children. She takes pride in her low student-to-teacher ratio and justly so. I sat in the classroom for the first ¾ of class to observe, and this group of five students had a great time learning, playing, and interacting. Lisa’s teaching credentials (and parenting skills) were key as she led the children and worked with them managing to keep them both attentive and interested.

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The Solomon’s Academy Class

This particular class, had a seasonal theme and offered multiple versions of the Gingerbread Man story. The children got to read, the acted out the story in a play, they made gingerbread man crafts, and they made gingerbread dough from scratch. We brought the dough home and baked it, and it was delicious, and the kids were so proud that they’d made it themselves.

Solomons Academy collage

As a homeschooling parent, this small teacher to child ratio, the interdisciplinary nature of the class, and the ability to have a hands off time where they could learn and I could work all really solidify that we will return for more classes. Public schoolers can certainly benefit as well from the Saturday classes and camps.

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Solomon’s Academy offers something unique. With offerings in 2015 for ages 3-14 from weather to transportation to fairy tales. I encourage you to give Solomon’s Academy a try!


Address: 3512 Highway 72, Brownsboro, AL (map)
Phone: 256-656-4769
Cost: starting at $20 per class
View Website | Solomon’s Academy Facebook Page