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Parent Review: Santa Land in Rogersville


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Parent Review: Santa Land in Rogersville

Santa Land

My family bundled up and drove to Santaland in Rogersville on its opening weekend. We visited on a Sunday night, hoping to avoid any huge crowds.

The drive from Huntsville took about an hour, and we arrived shortly after opening time of 5pm. It’s hard to miss the glowing castle, but very easy to miss the turn for the dark field where you’re expected to park. I had to turn around and go back, and then puzzle out how and where exactly to park. There weren’t any markings, lit signs or attendants, until someone waved us down as I was pulling in. I can see on a busy night where it may not be a big deal to follow the crowd or car in front of you but we were early birds, so it was a bit awkward. With the parking lot not being lit it means the focus isn’t taken away from the outside lights, but I think there need to be attendants with flashlights or some other means of illuminating where to turn and where to park so it doesn’t sneak up on you like it did us.

After shaking off the initial surprises, we ventured to the brightly lit ticket booth. Payment is easy: they accept cash or credit card and the greeter was friendly and welcoming. She handed us a ticket and explained that it was good for a free picture with Santa, who was in the castle waiting for us when we were ready. We ventured off into Santa Land.

Countless retro light displays cover the grounds!
Countless retro light displays cover the grounds!

Santa Land is a brightly lit kaleidoscope of exhibits spread over the large field surrounding the castle. You can walk around it at a leisurely pace, and children will delight at seeing familiar characters displayed in cheerful menageries here and there. As you stroll, Christmas music is pumped through speakers placed throughout the property; in our case George Michael battled the Chipmunks for supreme Christmas cheer. Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the sights!

Next up: the reindeer! Housed in a fenced-in pen, they frisked and hopped about and then retreated into a stable. As the night wore on, we noticed that as people walked by, they would flee the stable, as if chased out and stand in the middle of the pen. It was not a feeding or petting station.

Live reindeer at Santa Land.
Live reindeer live at Santa Land.

After about 20 minutes outside, with one highlight being a recreation of the classic living room from A Christmas Story, complete with iconic leg lamp and tinsel-laden Christmas tree, we decided to head inside.

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Right away I can tell you that a lot of care and effort went into the design and creation of the inside of the attraction. I was very impressed by all of the décor. The WOW factor was there, especially for my daughter. We made endless loops through the lower level of the house, looking at the rooms and little details over and over again, finding new things to point out to each other. That was a big part of the fun.

My little one was too shy for Santa, but the staff was gracious and friendly and there was no pressure. There wasn’t a big crowd so there wasn’t a line for Santa. A large sign in the entryway clearly advertised picture prices and options, should you be interested, and they appear reasonable.

The Grinch has been known to drop by on busy weekends.
The Grinch has been known to drop by on busy weekends.

Santa Land Layout

From the main entryway, you are immediately in the grand chamber with the Big Man himself, Santa. You can take a picture or not, and explore the house as long as you like. There’s the Toy Shop, Sweet shop and Tailor Shop, though for some reason, the upper level to “Santa’s Tailor Shop” was blocked off. I would have like to explore up there, personally. There were some great, unique decorations and what looked like more rooms. The Sweet Shop was decidedly empty. Granted, it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but there were only a few bags of what appeared to be roasted nuts in a warmer. No cookies or other treats to fill the otherwise charming cases and shelves. The owners had mentioned giving out cookies the night before, but we were never offered any refreshments during our hour-long stay. Too bad. There are ample areas for pictures and selfies, and lots of fun details. The back room opens up to the yard, where you can explore the exhibits again and re-visit the reindeer, or loop around and do it all over again.

Parent Pro-Tip

Speaking of rooms, PLAN AHEAD! As of my visit, there are NO RESTROOMS! I asked staff, and it was confirmed. Stop in Rogersville and make sure everyone goes. Now, I have a small child, and this can certainly be a disaster in the making. I certainly hope that the proprietors remedy this, and soon.

Final Say

This is a new attraction, and clearly there are kinks to be worked out. My biggest issue was the lack of restrooms and my difficulty locating the drive and parking if for no other reason than safety. Dark lots and small children do not mix. The yard takes little time to traverse, and you can make lots of circuits to extend the time. These lights are plug in lights you might see in your own yard, so the wow appeal here is the sheer quantity and themed grouping of them. My daughter liked the “Island of Misfit Toys” and the inflatable snow globe that blows snow, as well as the caroler children and angels. The staff we encountered was friendly and talkative and clearly excited about Santa Land. This goes a long way.

My advice: check ahead before you leave if it’s going to be a long trip. Potty. Potty. Potty. Take pictures and watch your children’s faces. Their wonderment may just be catching.

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Santa Land 2019 Details

Cost: Admission is $5 per child ( 2 and Under Free) | Adults $10
Photos with Santa 10.99 for a 5×7 and packages are available
Free Parking

Location: 9835 Highway 72 Rogersville, Alabama (map)

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Phone: (256) 247-3517

Hours:  Open nightly to the public every Thursday- Sunday and the week of Christmas 5-10pm.

More Info: Santa Land on Facebook – Pets are welcome on a leash according to the Facebook page. Check there for updates.


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  • Disappointed in the quality of the picture and Santa isn’t even smiling! Not worth the $25 admission fee and the $12 fee for the ONE 5×7! They deleted my feedback and blocked me so now I cannot post or respond to their posts on facebook. Crappy way to do business and very unprofessional!

  • Very disappointed. It wasn’t worth the $20 for our family of 4, train was very disorganized and my kids didn’t even get to ride it, the line to get in to see Santa was and hour wait if not longer and the pictures are very expensive not free. The food was also way over priced and 1 potty for all the people there was ridiculous. I was expecting something way better. Don’t waste your money here!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Andrea. I feel like this activity is really a mixed bag. We actually have heard good things from some parents but we’ve also heard comments like yours as well. Obviously our own writer (who went last year) enjoyed it although not EVERY aspect of it. We pride ourselves on writing honest reviews and trying to help parents make an informed decision. I appreciate you adding your comment here so parents considering this will get a fuller picture of what to expect.

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