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Let the fun unfold at Origami in the Garden

Let the fun unfold at Origami in the Garden

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Something new and exciting is unfolding at the Huntsville Botanical Garden! If you head over to the Garden this spring and summer you’ll be greeted by 18 incredible metal sculptures that are inspired by the Japanese art of origami. The sculptures add a fun addition to the Garden and allow guests to enjoy nature and art at the same time!

Creating Origami in the Garden

Created by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box, Origami in the Garden features metal sculptures of birds, horses, boats, and more! We were impressed with how paper-like the sculptures appear – even having the “creases” like paper origami masterpieces.

A red, blue, black, and white origami horse "gallop" through the trees at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.
Horses gallop through the trees, birds soar among the foliage, and boats float on the water at Origami in the Garden.

According to the artists’ website, the couple first created Origami in the Garden in 2013 with the collaboration of world-renowned origami artists. The paper-like appearances comes from Kevin Box’s experience as an art foundry production manager, which allowed him to create the unique process to turn paper into “museum quality metal.”

Art & Culture Unfolds in the Garden

You won’t want to miss the highlight of Origami in the Garden, “Master Peace” where hundreds of origami peace cranes form a 25-foot-tall tower over the Aquatic Garden! Coupled with the flow of the water, this one is a great place to stop and reflect.

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A map of the Garden with the locations of each sculpture is available, but you can also add to the fun by making it a hunt for the kids. They’ll love racing through the Garden to see what the next sculpture will be. Older kids may also enjoy the audio tour that’s available.

A 25-foot tall sculpture made up of tiny peace cranes tower over the aquatic garden for Origami in the Garden.
“Master Peace” towers over the still waters in the aquatic garden, adding to the incredible display.

Another way to add to the experience, is to introduce your child to the art of origami. You can head to the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library to pick up a few books on origami including several with Star Wars characters, animals, and simple kid-friendly projects. The kids will love trying to create their own masterpieces like in the Garden.

They can also learn more about the history of origami and find simple tutorials on YouTube to expand their horizons.

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Parent Tips

Origami in the Garden is something the entire family will enjoy! Here’s some tips to make the experience better:

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  • The sculptures should not be touched, they are roped off within the Garden, but it may be worth having a conversation before arriving at the Garden so they know what to expect.
  • This is a great opportunity for kids to explore new concepts in art and culture – check out books from the library or watch some YouTube videos as a family to add to your experience.
  • Bring a picnic blanket – there’s plenty of areas where families can stop to enjoy the installations.

Origami in the Garden Details

Runs: March 3 – August 27, 2023
Admission: Included with Garden Admission ($12 – $17) or Free for Members

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