On Family

There are myriad reasons why I like Huntsville but right at the top are all the wonderful people I have met in this diverse town. Many of the most interesting are the writers I’ve met through the Rocket City Bloggers group. This group, started by Carol Marks, meets once a month and the camaraderie amongst the group is a welcome addition to a type of writing (blogging) that can often be very lonely.

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Because I offered to host this month’s blog carnival (each writer agrees to focus on a specific topic) the subject is “Family”. I encourage you to take the time to read each author’s submission. All of these authors are local, some have been featured in RCM before, and I think you’ll find the different takes on this familiar subject make for some great reading. Enjoy!

  • Suzanne Haggerty makes a strong case for placing value on those heirlooms that no one but you would want anyway in Choose your own heirlooms posted at Entirely Adequate, saying, “You may be surprised how much the most ridiculous things will mean to you in the long run.”