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Moms Have Seen It All

Moms Have Seen It All

On this special mother’s day, I hope these stories and photos give you all a much deserved respite from the sadness of the past couple of weeks and some well-deserved laughter. I cracked up at everyone of them. Remember, vote for your favorite (photo and story) and encourage your friends to vote as well. You have until Wednesday evening, winners announced Thursday and in case you were wondering, the video above is my absolute favorite of my little one so far. It always makes me laugh.

Photo #1 – “I’m on the Phone, Mom”

Sara submitted this picture of her son’s imitation of his mother who apparently gets a lot of work done while on the potty!

Story #1 – “Asking the Obvious”
Saturday mornings were “errands day”, since I traveled almost every week on business. I took my son in the mini-van with me to the cleaners, Post Office, copy shop, bank and other weekly stops. We usually enjoyed breakfast (if he behaved during errands), and this particular Saturday morning we dined at the south’s staple, a Waffle House. Daniel was 2 at the time, and, when the waitress came to the table, he asked her “Um, what happened to your tooth?”. She only had one. AWKWARD !!

Photo #2 – “Monkey Business”

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Bonnie submitted this photo of her granddaughter right after she got home from the hospital. Bonnie’s daughter and son-in-law swore for many years they were going to have monkeys rather than children and one of their friends gave them the stuffed monkey as a gag gift. Seems like they kind of got what they wanted!

Story #2 – “Anatomy Lesson”
My 3-year old son: “Did you know that Dill [our cat] has a hole at the bottom of his tail?”
Me: “Yes, he sure does.”
Son: “Why?”
Me: “That’s where his poop comes out.”
Son: “Oh, well where does he poop?”
Me: “He poops and pee-pees in the litter box”
Son: “Oh, well does Dill have a pee-pee?”

Photo #3 – “Chocolate Thief”

Stephanie wrote in to tell us of a recent mystery in their home. It seems someone was eating all the Easter chocolate and she and her husband each thought the other was the culprit. Turns out, it was their daughter who came downstairs with a tummy ache. I wonder why!

Story #3 – What Happens in the Restroom, Stays in the Restroom
Just a couple of weeks ago my son (just turned two) needed a diaper change. Now we have been trying to introduce him to the potty much to his dismay. He talks about the potty but for whatever reason REFUSES to sit on one and go “pee pee”. Anyhow, we were in Kroger, couponing ;), and he needed to be changed so I made a pitstop and took him into the ladies room and began the process. As I was getting his pants back on and washing my hands a woman came in and went into the stall. “Mommy,” he says, “Mommy!” I turned to him… “Mommmy, she pee pee in the potty mommy?” As cute as this sounds being written, he didn’t just say it, he YELLED it! Repeatedly! But, I put on my best “kid’s say the funniest things” act and assuming this woman was also a mother and had probably had some sort of similar occurence, I just nodded and said “Yes Caiden, she is pee peeing in the potty like a big girl…”

Photo #4 – “Cabbage Patch Baby”

Aleigh wrote in, “When my son was born, I located my cabbage patch kid from when I was a child. My son always sleeps with Hector Kevin (the cabbage patch doll). I went to wake him up from a nap one day and this is what I saw…I couldn’t resist the photo op.”

Story #4 – “Winn Dixie Was Never the Same”
I don’t have pictures as this was 20 years ago, but I love to share it. When the story is told, I see relief go over mother’s faces. I can see their minds thinking, “Ah, my toddler isn’t so bad afterall!” LOL. Keep in mind, the front end manager of the store in now my NEIGHBOR!

We had just checked out at Winn Dixie on the Beltline in Decatur. This was where Fred’s is now located . My daughter was in the buggy and I had my son holding on to the side “like a big boy” as I pushed toward the door. My “big boy” hollers, “I’ll open the doors for you mommy!” Are you getting this picture yet? The doors slide. On that particular day, they slid with a slight delay. Remember, this was 20 years ago. Nothing is slight when you have a four year old charging toward it!

Those very expensive sliding glass doors didn’t have a chance to slide that day. My charging bull hit them with both hands and they went slamming to the ground! He stops immediately realizing that he had done a “no-no” and started crying. I stopped immediately and froze. Everybody in the store, and parking lot (and I felt like everyone in Decatur stopped and stared) stopped. I ran and grabbed him to make sure he wasn’t hurt. Thankfully he wasn’t.

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I spent the next 30 minutes apologizing all over myself and explaining that he was trying to help. They were most gracious that day and I was most thankful. So if moms read this and their toddlers are driving them nuts; be glad they aren’t trying to open the doors to your favorite grocery store for you!

Photo #5 – “Tight Grip”

The only words Wendy sent with this photo – “notice the poor chick.” It does kind of speak for itself!

Story #5 – “Big Belly”
My first glaring embarrassing kid moment was when my first child was about 2 1/2. I was pregnant with my second child and I would make comments about how my belly was getting big.

Well, we were in the Homewood library and an obese woman walked in. My son said “BIG BELLEH!” in a really deep voice, reminiscent of “Fat Bastard” a la Mike Myers. I tried to play it off like he said “baby” instead of “belly” and I was like “Oh, do you see a baby somewhere? You like babies! YAY!” in my high-pitched mommy voice.

Story #6 – “When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go”
The most embarrassing moment happened today (5-7-11). We were sitting on the porch with family friends and my son whom has just been potty trained decided he needed to use the bathroom. Next door the house is for sale and the Realtor was there showing it to a couple. My son walks over to the fence dividing the yards and decides to use the bathroom there. It was soo embarrassing!!! We had tried to get him to go somewhere else and it was too late. The Realtor and couple laughed and about cried. I guess if you got to pee, you just got to pee!!


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