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Meet the Worry Woos!

Meet the Worry Woos!

Meet the WorryWoos: Squeek, Rue, Fuddle and Wince. Four friends on an incredible journey to find Nola, a monster they have never met, but she just may hold the key to their happiness. Along the way the monsters face loneliness, insecurity, confusion, fear and worry. But through sheer determination, unyielding friendship and, of course, the power of song, they find more than what they were looking for. By working through challenges together they find the courage and confidence it takes to succeed.

Based on the award winning children’s book series by author Andi Green, playwrights Kristen Tumminello and Kelley Birney, with composer Jay Tumminello, bring the WorryWoos to life in Woosical, a rollicking new musical that will have children of all ages dancing, singing and embracing their Inner Woo! This original show is being performed by the Lee High Theatre Magnet players.

The Showtimes

September 19 & 20 at 7:00 PM
September 21 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM

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Tickets: (256) 426-0316
Tickets are available for students ($8.00) and adults ($10.00)
More info at

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