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Madison City Farmers Market opens for the Spring season


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Madison City Farmers Market opens for the Spring season

  • Opening day is April 17th, 2021
  • Fresh & local produce & food items available
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The good people at the Madison City Farmers Market know it’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves and eat fresh, healthy food. It’s equally important to support local farmers who still have a whole bounty of good things to sell at the beginning of the spring produce season. Check out their website for all the delicious offerings available.

Plan to have Fresh Local Food for Your Table!

The Madison Farmers Market has so many staples families need, and is a truly local market, offering only products that are grown or made in the Tennessee Valley. You’ll get the warm-fuzzies for supporting local farmers and small business owners that live and work right here in North Alabama. It’s a win-win!

In addition to a huge variety of seasonal fruits & vegetables, here’s what else you’ll find at the Madison Farmers Market:

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  • Goat cheese, cow’s milk cheese
  • Pork, chicken, and beef (even Wagyu!)
  • Farm fresh eggs: chicken, duck, quail
  • Local honey
  • Stone-ground cornmeal
  • Jams, jellies, & preserves
  • Salsa, relish, & pickles
  • Fresh-roasted coffee, cold-brewed coffees, and locally blended teas
  • Bread, cobblers, cookies, and sweets
  • Keto and gluten-free baked goods, and vegan ready-to-eat items
  • Floral arrangements
  • Soaps, lotions, handmade soy wax candles
  • Decorative gourds, ceramics & wood crafts

Farmers Markets vs Big Box Stores

But why is it even important to shop at Alabama Farmers markets? It’s these three reasons that do it for us…

  • 1.) When your food is produced, processed, distributed and sold all within the same region, more of those dollars stay local, leading to economic development and job creation – all good things we want for families in North Alabama! The Madison City Farmers Market provides opportunities for these small family farms and businesses to sell their harvests, and they help meet the growing demand for locally produced food.
  • 2.) Taking your kids to visit a farmers market connects them to their local food system – it’s a great chance to talk about where food comes from and how it’s grown with little ones.
  • 3.) Buying locally-grown produce can also be more nutritious. Vivid colors in fruits and vegetables are a reflection of the nutrients they contain. Have you ever compared a grocery store tomato to a vine-picked Alabama tomato? Many local farmers can cultivate extremely nutritious produce through their careful farming methods.

Madison City Farmers Market 2021 Details

Location: 1088 Hughes Rd, Madison, AL 35758 at Trinity Baptist Church (map)
Dates: Every Saturday from 8AM – Noon starting April 17th
View Website | Facebook Page

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Covid-19 Precautions: Keeping with current ADPH Recommendations, customers are requested to attend with the lowest possible group size and to social distance. If you have a favorite regular vendor, pre-order and pre-pay here when possible. Of course, please stay at home if you feel unwell, or are running a fever.


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