Rocket City Mom & “Life Of the Party”

Something exciting is happening tonight… Guess who has four thumbs and is headed to Melissa McCarthy’s new movie premiere, Life of the Party tonight?

… Beth & Steph from Rocket City Mom!

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Life of the Party Premiere

Why us? Auburn University won the social media contest to host the world premiere of the movie, and RCM was invited to participate in the red carpet coverage! The premiere takes place tonight in Opelika and you can follow along using #LifeOfThePartyPremiere and #LOTPauburn. We’ll also be doing some live streaming & posting on our Facebook Page and Instagram tonight.

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So this will be our first red carpet situation and we’re pretty excited. Melissa McCarthy is our FAVORITE. If nothing else, we’ll be getting some pretty epic selfies. How often does a world movie premiere with our favorite comedian happen in Alabama???

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Photo credit: Life of the Party Facebook Page, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema

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