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Leathertree Park: Madison


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Leathertree Park: Madison

Location: 225 Gillespie Rd, Madison, AL, 35758 (map)

This small park in Madison, located behind Asbury, is perfect if you are looking for a place to throw a frisbee, play kickball or soccer or just a game of tag with your kids. Lots of open space and, as you can see in the pictures, there is some play equipment. Like most of the small parks, not much shade and no bathroom facilities.

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A couple of great things about this park: lots of benches spread all around and some infant/small toddler appropriate play equipment. Benches are great if your kids do want to play a pick-up game of soccer and you get pooped, you have a place to sit. The tiny play equipment is nice for when your little one is ready to slide but maybe just not the big slide!

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  • Kudos to you Jenifer! I read your article in the Madison Weekly and then looked at your website. Many, many thanks for keeping us Grandparents up on events and children’s activities. Keep up the great work!

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