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Into the Wardrobe with “Narnia: A Holiday Ballet”

Into the Wardrobe with “Narnia: A Holiday Ballet”

UPDATED for 2014

If you’ve done The Nutcracker umpteen times, or know the words to “A Christmas Carol” by heart, you might be looking for a new Christmas experience for your family to enjoy.

Steps of Faith Performing Arts Center has produced the second annual performance of “Narnia”, an original contemporary ballet with some of this holiday’s most loved characters. Join Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan as they journey through the wardrobe and into the adventurous land of Narnia.

“Narnia” dancers performing at this year’s Tinsel Trail in Big Spring Park. (Photos by MJ Photography)

Based on C.S. Lewis’s great children’s book series, this ballet interpretation is performed in pantomime, and features dancers and performers ages 4 through over-40. Under the spell of the evil White Witch and her army of enchanted creatures, the Pevensie children must help the lion Aslan, lord of Narnia, return to the land, and end a long, joyless winter.

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The White Witch casts a snowy spell over Narnia. (Photo by MJ Photography)

Familiar characters like the White Witch, Mr. Tumnus, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and the wolf Fenris Ulf, all have starring roles, plus there are ensemble pieces featuring the enchanted trees, Turkish Delight, the woodland creatures, and the Witch’s wolf pack. Professional dancer Marc Wayne guest stars as Aslan the Lion, and Father Christmas himself makes a cameo appearance in the show – he will also be taking photos with the children in the lobby thanks to Olive Photography.

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Don’t wait before the show is sold out (it did last year!) – information about remaining tickets can be found by calling 256.325.STEP (7837).


UPDATED for 2014

When: Saturday, December 13 at 2pm and 7pm
Where: Lee High School Theater 2500 Meridian Street, Huntsville, AL 35811
Ticket Cost: $10, for more information visit the Steps of Faith website


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  • Narnia is a Christmas tradition in our family and personally a family favorite starting with my second youngest love for Lucy. I decided to reread the books and watch the movies and I am now in love. We would love to see this show!

  • My kids have watched parts if Narnia, but not all of it due to them still being little. They do love Aslan though!

  • Aslan definitely. And my boys love the girl that shoots the bow (they’re big bow hunters lol)

  • I would love to win for my family!! One of our traditions is spending family time time together and celebrating at different events. This would be so wonderful.

  • My son hasn’t read the books, as he isn’t old enough to read yet. But he has seen the movies! He thinks Aslan is pretty cool :). I remember watching the original “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” when I was little, and I always loved it. I got the entire book set (in 1 book) when I was around 8, and still have it today. I absolutely love the series! It would be amazing to see it all put into a ballet :).

  • One of my girls is only 1 year old so she has never seen the movie or read the books. My oldest is 4 and I know she hasn’t read the books but she might have seen the movie. I know it probably scared her if she has but I think a ballet she would love. We have yet to take her to a ballet and I think she’d love it!

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