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i9 Sports of Huntsville & Madison

i9 Sports of Huntsville & Madison

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Team sports are a dress rehearsal for life. In fact, there is no better tool to teach kids some of the skills necessary to succeed in life than sports. If you’re looking for a fun experience in which kids develop athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, and increase their self-confidence, while parents enjoy a well organized program that doesn’t consume their family’s life, i9 Sports in Huntsville could be the program for you.

i9 Sports of Huntsville Details

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Phone: 256-384-4619
Location: Serves both Huntsville and Madison areas

We talked with Julie Morrow, Area Developer for i9 Sports, about what makes their program unique.

Q: Tell us your story. How did you get started? What led you to this business? Why are you excited by this business? What makes you unique?

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A: Back in the Fall of 2019 we were living in Fort Worth and wanted to start a business that we could do as a family. Franchising intrigued us so we began looking for a franchise that would suit our needs. Our two boys were involved in i9 Sports and we absolutely loved the program. We learned i9 Sports was a franchise so we decided to inquire. Speaking with the CEO and other corporate staff made us fall in love with the organization even more, so we decided to purchase our own territory. All of the territories surrounding us in Texas were taken, so we began to look around the country. We made a trip to visit Huntsville for New Years’ of 2020 and absolutely loved the area. We decided to pack up and move here in June of 2020. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to move to Huntsville and bring i9 Sports to families here. We hope they love the program as much as we do!

Q: What “problem” do you see in the community that you can solve for your customers?

A: Parents are busy and kids want to play sports, but sometimes busy schedules can put unneeded stress on families. I love that our program is just one day a week. We hold practices just before games so it makes it really convenient. That’s actually what sold us on the program in the first place! Our league is also focused on fun. We don’t exclude kids based on ability. There are no tryouts and everyone gets to play every game.

i9 Sports also heavily emphasizes sportsmanship. We want to develop more than just good athletes. Our goal is for the athletes to become leaders on and off the field. That’s why we teach a weekly sportsmanship value like leadership, teamwork, and courage. We reward players each week who demonstrate these sportsmanship traits on the field. We believe this is exactly the way youth sports should be!

Q: What sports programs are you offering for kids in 2021?

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A: Right now we offer Flag Football, Soccer, and T-Ball. In the Spring, we will be adding Basketball to our line-up. We run four seasons a year so kids always have an opportunity to play! Registration is open now on our website for our 2021 Spring, Summer, and Fall programs.

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Q: Do you have any advice or tips for other small businesses?

A: My biggest advice is to make a plan and stay organized. Deadlines can sneak up really quickly if you aren’t careful! If I didn’t set 5 reminders on my Google calendar, I’d be in trouble. Also, develop processes for all tasks. That helps things run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, it’s easy to delegate processes to other people which allows time to focus on bigger tasks.

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