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Help Teachers, Help Students, Donate

Help Teachers, Help Students, Donate

I was going to write today’s post about our resilient, and amazing teachers. You know, the ones almost no one has been talking about because we’ve been so busy complaining about school board decisions, superintendent mistakes, bureaucratic mismanagement, etc. The ones who keep receiving pink slips, getting shuffled around, and yet rarely speak out because if they did then that would “look bad”.

Trust me, I’ll be writing about them very soon but I need a bit longer to put together an appropriate tribute. In the meantime, we’ve got a pressing need that is time-sensitive. Students in our backyard need the necessary tools to start school. Without them, they won’t be prepared and if they aren’t prepared then those very teachers we were just talking about – their job becomes harder.

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So here’s a great idea, go buy some school supplies, see our latest list of needs below, and then drop them off at the following libraries: Main (915 Monroe St., Huntsville), Madison (130 Plaza Blvd, Madison), and Bailey Cove (1409 Weatherly Plaza SE, Huntsville). Also, check out, an amazing local organization that is helping identify those in need and coordinating our work with local schools and families. If you don’t have any extra money but you have some time, check out all the various ways you can help and contact them directly. I’m sure they’d appreciate an extra hand.

Needed School Supplies*

#2 Yellow Wood Pencils
Red Pens
Blue Pens
Facial Tissue
Crayola Classic Colors Broadtip Washable Markers
Crayola Colored Pencils 12 count
Composition Books
Wide-ruled notebook paper
Fiskar Safety Scissors
Blunt Tip Scissors
Yellow Highlighters

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*This list is not comprehensive and we need any and all school supplies. The items listed are items we are “short” on and there is a direct need for as requested by the schools.


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