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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies


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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies

My Halloween obsession runs deep and while I’ve always wanted to be pregnant at Halloween, I have NO IDEA what I’m dressing up as this year! My family goes all out for the big day, and I feel like I’m totally down to the wire for getting any costumes lined up! It’s tempting to run out and buy something from the closest party store, but there is still time to get a good costume pulled together that lets that baby bump in on the action!

Pregnancy costume Collage
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The first thing you have to decide is if your costume will be a stand-alone deal or whether your partner and/or family will be in on a specific theme with you. In my search for pregnancy costumes, I noticed that some of the partner costumes out there play a little to heavily on the cause & effect part of the storyline. Since Halloween is a family affair for us I’ll be keeping it PG, but if you have an adult party to attend there are some pretty wild choices out there. The “Bun in the Oven” and Chef/Baker pairing is funny without being too crude. My favorite from the partner costumes search was this cute pair of Humpty Dumpty egg/bellies on cardboard brick walls.

Juno & Bleeker, compliments of an RCM Editor!
Juno & Bleeker, compliments of an RCM Editor!

If the whole family is joining in, there are tons of cute options for the group! Movie and book characters are a good place to start – especially if your kiddos have a current favorite. Thing 1 & Thing 2 look adorable with Thing 3 on the way! And this big belly camouflaged as Mike’s eyeball from Monsters, Inc. is a fun way to incorporate the bump… but beware of chilly weather! The family of skeletons is cute and festive, and if your skeletal anatomy knowledge needs some refreshing you can order iron-on transfers instead of trying to piece together the bones with paint or tape.

mike costume
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Bonus – you can get ones that glow! Caution – especially if you make these one-sided, be extra careful about going out at night dressed in head-to-toe black! I know the chocolate craving is real, but no Reese’s is worth getting run over. Since St. Patty’s Day is near & dear to my heart, the pot of gold costume and leprechaun is on my short list right now. An entourage of leprechauns protecting that precious pot of gold is a pretty adorable concept!

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Do you buddy up with another family for Trick-or-Treating? These Mama Marsupials are simple but totally genius! If anyone rocks this look with a preggo pal, I want to see pics!

Mamma marsupials from
Mamma marsupials from

If you are just looking for a costume for yourself and don’t need to incorporate others, there are a few zillion options for you to wade through. I’ll be honest – I completely skipped over the gory/morbid stuff. If it involves bloody doll parts protruding from a t-shirt, I’m out. But there is no shortage of pictures on the web for you to use as inspiration if that floats your boat.

There are also lots of stand-alone costumes for the pregnant gals that want to play on ironic humor. The pregnant nun, prom queen, Barbie, the list goes on and on.

One cute idea I came across was the Slam Dunk. This is a versatile choice that could also incorporate a basketball player for a partner costume. If your artistic talents are craving some action, go for a costume that lets you paint your belly! I’ve seen Earth, the sun, fish bowls, pumpkins, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

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slam dunk pregnancy costume

What is your baby bump wearing this holiday? Tell us! Not that I’m mercilessly considering stealing your idea or anything…

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