Galaxy of Lights Walking Nights

UPDATED for 2018: Like many Huntsville families, we’ve made the Galaxy of Lights a holiday tradition. Driving through a twinkling wonderland is fun for every member of our family, especially when we’ve got our favorite Christmas music playing in the background. And for every year we’ve driven through the lights, we say, “gee, we should walk through these” and then we NEVER do. I could say it’s because it’s too cold or our daughter was too young but the honest truth would be that we were being a little lazy.

Don’t be like us. Don’t be lazy.

The Galaxy of Lights Walking Nights are a totally different experience and children LOVE it. As magical as those lights are when you are driving, think of that times 10 when you are walking through them. The picture below is my daughter’s favorite “scene” on the trail, apparently it’s called the Icicle Forest. It’ pretty spectacular when you drive through it but imagine walking through it. Now imagine…wait for it…SNOW! Well, as close as we usually get in Alabama (i.e. the fake variety) but our children ATE IT UP.

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Some other details you should know about the Walking Nights. There is a Santa but the cool thing is that while there is a sign pointing you in that direction, the actual man himself is kind of hidden so if you want to skip the line, your child probably won’t even notice. Near that Santa is some coffee for Mom and Dad ($1 and $4 options available) and if you walk just a little further down the trail, there is hot chocolate and cookies! The kind ladies and gentleman who serve it even offer a kid version and an adult version. Adults over 21 can even purchase a hot toddy to warm up their walk!

I would recommend that if your children are smaller or tend to be whiney about a long walk, you may want to bring a stroller or wagon with you. It took us almost an hour and half to do the whole thing but when we got home our daughter was out like a light. That in itself is worth the price of admission!

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PRO-TIP: This year, Walking Night tickets are ONLY sold in advance for a specific night. To ensure a positive experience for each guest, there are a limited number of tickets each night, so make sure you purchase yours early

Galaxy of Lights Driving Nights

If you’ve never been to the Galaxy of Lights at all, you can get details about Driving Nights here. Driving Nights start Thanksgiving Night and run through December 31st. Admission is $25/car.

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UPDATED for 2018

When: November 9-12, and 15-20 from 5:30-8PM
Where: 4747 Bob Wallace Avenue
How Much: Adults $10 members/$12 non-members, Children ages 3-15 $5 members/$6 nonmembers; Dogs $3
More Info: