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Free educational Minecraft content now available for kids sheltering in place


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Free educational Minecraft content now available for kids sheltering in place

It’s been about a week and a half since schools have closed down with perhaps no end in sight of when they will reopen. Any school content available to kids via online learning may have already been done or been inadequate. Parents and kids alike may be looking for content to engage with that is fun and (at least a little!) bit educational.

To that end, the folks at Minecraft have released some educational content for their ubiquitous sandbox game.

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From Phil Spencer, head of Xbox:

“With hundreds of millions of kids at home due to coronavirus-related school closures more kids are going online to spend time with their friends, explore online worlds and learn through play. Families are trying to navigate the need to help their children with distance learning and balance that with taking time to have fun.  That’s why we announced today that we are adding a new Education category to the Minecraft Marketplace with free educational content players and parents can download.”

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Link to full statement.

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Among the options, learn about the human eye, roleplay as a marine biologist, explore the International Space Station, take a virtual tour of Washington, D.C. and more! This content will be available for download starting today, March 24, and will be available until June 30, 2020. Take a look at the full content available here.


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