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Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater Offering Special Stages Program for Kids on the Autism Spectrum


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Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater Offering Special Stages Program for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Fantasy Playhouse

Academy Classes at Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater (FPCT) for the new school year is happening now!  This year FPCT will offer the class “Special Stages“, a new musical theater program for children ages 7-12 on the autism spectrum.

The classes will be lead by Melissa Rice, a tenured children’s theater educator, and mother to a young man on the autism spectrum. In addition, trained peer mentors and volunteers will also participate in the class, offering both skill modeling and friendship. Special Stages classes are aimed to help develop imagination, imitation, connection, and communication supports child children on the spectrum to learn and grow.

How Will It Work?

Through music, movement, guided scene work, peer-modeling and role-playing in conjunction with behavioral and communication supports (such as social stories and visual schedules), Special Stages students and mentors will go on a musical adventure to Madagascar! Each class will include social skills practice (based on Lee Chasen’s Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy method), group games and imaginative play, alongwith song and dance. Special Stages students will showcase their work in a final presentation at the end of the semester.

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How Do I Sign Up My Child?

Class schedules, pricing, and online registration information is at

Full and partial tuition assistance is available and awarded on the basis of financial need. Please contact Candice Cooper at 256-539-6829 to receive an application.

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Need more information? The education staff is available to assist you in choosing the best class for your student. Please contact them at (256)539-6829 or email Candice Cooper, Education Director, at

Fantasy Playhouse

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