Every Baby Deserves a Magic Bum

If you or your baby has sensitive skin, you know there’s few things more uncomfortable as a painful, itchy rash. Diaper rash & skin irritation has plagued many local households, and when baby’s not happy, NOBODY’S happy.

  • My daughter has had a TERRIBLE rash and raw bottom since the first day she was born.
  • [My daughter’s] nose was so chapped and raw from the constant wiping with tissues that she was crying and screaming every time I tried to wipe it.
  • I’ve tried everything imaginable for my sons severe, bleeding eczema…

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Aja and Russell Henderson had the same problem when their son was born. After struggling for months with their son’s constant rashes, they couldn’t find a diaper rash remedy that would work. Aja finally got fed up and decided to make something herself. She did a lot of research on natural oils for diaper rash and came up with a formula that worked! The rashes went away and didn’t come back. Russell, suggested she start selling our oil to help other parents and babies in similar situations. In April 2011, Magic Bum Naturals were officially for sale.

The secret to the product Aja makes isn’t a cream or ointment, but an oil. Magic Bum’s mission is to provide high-quality, all-natural skin soothing products at prices that are affordable for everyone. And it’s not just for babies – the oil can help soothe eczema outbreaks, bug bites, chapped lips & noses, burns, and scrapes.

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The adorable inspiration behind Magic Bum Naturals.

As new small business owners, Aja & Russell have expanded from selling their products online to local bricks & mortar stores – you can now find Magic Bum products at A Nurturing Moment on Memorial Parkway in south Huntsville. “We love to hear success stories about how our products help babies, especially in Huntsville. Now we actually get to meet the cute little ones our products are helping. It’s wonderful to see the results firsthand.” When I asked her what was her advice to other local entrepreneurs, Aja said, “Be honest and care about the people you serve. That’s the most important thing.”

And don’t you want that kind of mantra from someone making products for your baby’s skin?


Magic Bum Naturals Website – buy them online!
Facebook Page | Magic Bum on Twitter
Email: magicbum@magicbumbaby.com

Don’t take our word for it – try them out for yourself! Aja and Russell are giving away a basket of goodies to one lucky Rocket City Mom reader! Enter to win some Magic Bum products below.

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