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Childcare, Schools and Tutors

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Huntsville Achievement SchoolHuntsville Achievement School
4217 9th Ave SW
Huntsville, AL 35801
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Huntsville Achievement School is a private school that is rethinking education possibilities. In its over fifty year history H.A.S. has sought to blaze its own trail providing an educational option in the Huntsville Metro area for the K-12 student where the “one size fits all” education paradigm is not effective.  It seeks to provide an economical educational alternative for students with learning differences such as High Functioning Autism and other Spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD, OCD, etc and for those that need a smaller learning environment. H.A.S. is committed to being a safe haven where bullying does not exist and students are free to be themselves. 

This will be our child’s second year at Huntsville Achievement School and they have helped him in so many ways. He is very intelligent but needs a small classroom environment and a tailored education specific to his needs. He gets what he needs at this school and watching him thrive is a great joy for us. – Jill W.

Huntsville, AL
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AuPairCare provides safe, reliable, experienced live-in childcare for North Alabama families. Au pairs come from 40 countries, are university graduates, speak english, undergo first aid, cpr and child safety training as well as a background check and offer 45 hours of flexible childcare in the comfort and safety of your own home for all ages of children. The cultural exchange benefits are a wonderful experience for both families and au pairs and the program is more affordable that you imagine! Contact Kim Nickels for more information about the AuPairCare program in North Alabama.

As a working mom of four (ages 5, 4, and twin newborns), I’m amazed that many people in Huntsville have never heard of an ‘au pair’ before. We are new to the area and I would love to share our best family secret – having our in home help, through Au Pair Care. We’ve had Au Pairs for the past five years, and it has been the ideal childcare for our family. If you have more than one child, it is almost always more affordable than daycare. If you have young children, having an au pair means you don’t have to get them up early, they can stay at home and on their schedule and in their environment. We also are a bilingual family, and the au pair program has helped us reinforce the language and culture of my husband’s family (he’s Swedish). The benefits are endless. Au Pair Care is a great agency, and offers very hands on, friendly area directors to help you find your perfect match. Would love to see more moms in Rocket City take advantage of this! – Stephanie G. 

Hampton Cove Preschool
5760 Cove Commons Drive
Brownsboro, AL 35741
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Hampton Cove Preschool is a locally owned and operated, state licensed preschool that utilizes degreed teachers and an accredited curriculum to serve students six weeks of age through Pre-Kindergarten. The mission of Hampton Cove Preschool is to provide each child with the highest quality early childhood educational experiences in a safe, nurturing, and technology rich environment.

Hampton Cove Preschool…The Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning.

The moment we stepped foot in Hampton Cove Preschool, we knew it was the right choice for our family! The staff at the school is extremely considerate and caring toward our children. They run into school everyday, excited to learn and enjoy all of the wonderful books, toys and technology that are available to them. They quickly formed lasting bonds with their friends, teachers, and staff. The school and curriculum was carefully thought out and it shows. The classrooms are clean, orderly and built specifically for each age groups needs. We are so pleased with our decision and know our children are getting the best early learning experience possible by attending Hampton Cove Preschool! – Allison P. 

I cannot say enough great things about Hampton Cove Preschool! My son has been there for 3 years and my daughter has been there for 6 months. The teachers are outstanding! They take an interest in each child. It’s obvious that they are paying attention to your children and making a personal connection with them. My children look forward to going to school and I love hearing about all the new things they’ve learned. I am truly thankful for Hampton Cove Preschool and it’s wonderful staff! I highly recommend! – Jessica J. 


3807 Telstar Circle
Huntsville, Al 35805

Check out Academy for Learning and Character Development. It is an exciting, fun and most importantly an educational environment. My son loves it, and I do too because he learns all of educational concepts in both English and Spanish. It is amazing how much he has learned while having a great time. They are the best! – Cheylaine B.


Madison, AL

Allison is an amazing educator and education specialist. She has helped numerous students and also their parents understand what their child needs. – Patty S.

Awesome tutor and very patient and helpful to the children. Very understanding and loves to help the children. – Angela S.

Great teacher, helps the children get on a great tract for education. – Timothy S.


980 Hughes Road
Madison, AL

My son goes to weekday and it is wonderful. The ladies there are so nice, I can’t say enough good things about them. The facilities are top notch and I know I can trust leaving him there. – Magen G.


7169 Hwy 72 West
Madison, AL

I truly appreciate Jennifer’s and Casey’s patience with my children. They are always looking forward to appointments with them. They are delightful, accommodating and highly experienced; we are very fortunate to have found them. Jennifer and Casey are very patient, very knowledgeable and are able to break down each aspect of the problems and equation and show them a pattern for recognizing future equations. Thank You By the numbers!! – Janice J. 


Exchange Place
220 Exchange Place NW
Huntsville, AL

Jones Valley
1065 Four Mile Post Road
Huntsville, AL

I must start out by saying that I am a mama who is VERY hands-on with my daughter. I own my own business, Valley Birkenstock, and my husband is an engineer so we work very hard to balance work and family life. I knew it was going to be a challenge to find somewhere that I felt like was taking the care that I demanded for my daughter and I found it. I am such a big fan of Ardent. We toured several daycares/schools to try to find a good fit for our family and I was so impressed with Ardent. They have wonderful teachers and staff that truly love on the kids. My daughter has excelled there in every way. When I say “Are you ready to go to school?” she runs for the door. She absolutely loves it there and it makes me feel so good to leave her somewhere knowing that she is safe and happy. They have cameras in every classroom for accountability and you have to have a code to enter. You can bring your own lunch and we believe in a low sugar diet which they happily follow. They do a different color, shape, bible verse, and character value each week. It AMAZES me when I go in to pick up my daughter and all of the 1 year olds are sitting in chairs doing lessons. I’ve walked in on many an occasion to the teachers singing songs to them and even doing lyrical dancing for them one time. I can not say enough good things about this school and recommend it to anyone and everyone that asks! – Julie P.

My little one is in Kindergarten now, but she started the preschool when she was 3months old. We have loved it. Great academics and kinetic learning in a clean Christian atmosphere. – Cheryl B.

We have been sending our child to Ardent since Early 2011. She absolutely loves it and has learned so much. I love not having to worry about my child while I am at work because I know she is being well taken care of. I also love that they are backing up the same Christian values we are instilling at home. – Christina H.


1418 Old Railroad Bed Road
Madison, AL

My daughter has attended this MMO for 2 years. They have been wonderful and caring. I never worry about her when she is there! – Jen G.


12300 County Line Rd
Madison, AL
(256) 679-1515 or (256) 289-6312

The Grove is part day preschool for students ages 3-5. The Grove features small class sizes, nurturing teachers, and individualized education. Students graduate from the Grove confidently ready, both socially and academically, for Kindergarten. – Nicole W.


10001 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, AL

Hope Presbyterian Playschool is a wonderful environment where children can grow, learn, and play with confidence and fun! My children have been through every age class and the teachers are wonderful. I highly recommend Hope Playschool for all children. – Melissa T.

My daughter has been attending Hope for 2 years. She will be entering Kindergarten in the fall and we are so sad to leave our school! The instruction is wonderful and we feel she is fully prepared for kindergarten. – Jamie


2030 Cecil Ashburn Drive
Huntsville, AL

My child- 5 years old- has been attending the program for 5 months now. We have been amazed at how quickly he is moving through the math levels and he is currently learning to add numbers up to the double digits. We’ve been so impressed with the Math program that we also just recently enrolled our child in the reading program. The owner, Ms. Anita Kantamneni, is always available and she has a well trained staff who are so patient with the students as they motivate and work with each child. For anyone interested in math and reading enrichment, this is a great organization which helps parents to ensure that their child learns math and reading at their own pace and in a motivational and kind environment. – Stacey G.


5045 Technology Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 726-5437

I highly recommend La Petite Academy. The preschool is excellent for preparing 3-5 year olds for Kindergarten. My son knew his colors, letters, symbols, and a few sight words before entering Kindergarten. A good bit of this was due to the certified teachers at La Petite. – Jennifer E.


109 Weatherly Road SE
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 881-4069

My son attended Latham’s CDC from the infant room all the way until he was four. I always knew he was in good hands and always appreciated the extra few minutes they would take to say hi/goodbye to both my son and myself. He was well engaged at school in activities. He is now in the Pre-K program in the city. He was exposed (not forced) to letters, numbers, counting, and many other skills that prepared him well for his adventures in Pre-K. If you are looking for a caring place for you child I highly recommend you visit Latham CDC for yourself and see all the wonderful things your child can be apart of! – Mary C.

I absolutely adore Latham Child Development Center. I have had my daughter there since she was 5 months old (now 17 months). The staff is knowledgeable, loving, and flexible to the needs of each child. My daughter has always been happy to see them! It makes it a lot easier to go to work knowing that she’s in great care. The staff has always provided a lot of support to us, the parents, as well as to the babies and children. They are also great about keeping the place and toys super clean. I would definitely recommend them. – Carrie C.


11716 County Line Road
Madison, Alabama, 35758
(256) 464-3900

My oldest son, Aidan, now 6, and now my youngest, Eli, now 4, have both attended the Little Lambs Learning Center (LLLC) preschool at Lamb of God Church on County Line Road in Madison. It’s an excellent Christian school where my boys have learned their ABCs, coloring, cutting, and most importantly that they have a Savior named Jesus who loves them dearly. The emphasis is on Bible stories and songs and there is an awesome Chapel time with the Pastor leading the songs with his accordion! Highly recommended! – Gwen S.

What a Wonderful School. The People at Little lambs are what make it so Special. Pastor John, Ms. Elsa and Ms. Deborah, have a Love for Children , that is a calling for God. That Love is in Everything they do. – Janet L.

My youngest son Griffin attended LLLC in the 3 year old class in the 2011/2012 school year. We were so blessed by this preschool and Griffin absolutely loved attending. He learned so many educating skills for Kindergarten readiness but the most important was the biblically based themes in which he was taught. Elsa is such a wonderful, caring and loving director and teacher as well as all of her staff. We enjoyed all of the special programs too which allowed parental involvement. We had Grifin signed up for the 4 year old class the following year, but unfortunately we had an unexpected move out of the area. I highly recommend this preschool. You will. Or be disappointed. God Bless. Julie S.

My 3 year old went to Little Lambs this past year and we just LOVED it. It was perfect for her. They are a very Christ centered program so the children attend chapel every Thursday with the church’s pastor Who plays the accordion and they sing bible songs together. My daughter asked to go to school every day. In the classroom she was taught days of the week, letters, counting, cutting skills, etc but also got plenty of play time. This is a small program where everyone knows everyone else and that means a lot in this big world! You will love it! – Ellen S.


540 Hughes Road #11
Madison, AL

My daughter struggled to get math (mental math where she could see the problem and do it) we have only been going about a month now and she has improved her math skill dramatically. Her 4th grade teacher is letting her use her abacus in class and has even asked my daughter to show her how to use it. This program has given her the boost she needed. Mrs. Praveena is a WONDERFUL and patient teacher. She is very good with the kids. Her knowledge of what she does is wonderful! I am advertising her to all my friends and my place of employment as I think this is a wonderful program.– Lisa B. 


1827 Slaughter Road
Madison, AL

We’ve been sending our son to Madison Premier Daycare since he was about 10 months old. We’ve had GREAT experiences with them. Though we occasionally have concerns and questions about things, they are always willing to listen and insure our concerns are addressed. If you’re looking for a great daycare in the Madison area. I would definitely recommend a visit! – Mint

Our children have been there for more than a year we are very pleased with the staff. Our kids love it. Need I say more? – Nicol P.


51 Nance Road, Suite 101
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 885-0886

2045 Cecil Ashburn Dr. SE
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 885-0886

 My son has always struggled with math, often to the point of tears.  When he began to go to Mathnasium, he’d walk in with his head down, his shoulders hunched, and he was afraid to ask questions.  He has gained so much confidence this school year that his head is held high, he laughs and talks to people at Mathnasium, he readily asks questions and receives the attention he deserves, and he now has a solid B in math, up from consistent D’s.  He’s free to ask the questions he needs to, as many times as he needs to.  There is no ridicule, no frustration from the tutors, just help and support.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else! – Crystal H.

My 10yo really struggles with basic number sense and also has dyscalculia. Phillip at Mathnasium in Madison started working with him and we saw results almost immediately. My son has gained confidence, caught up to his grade level, and is excited about math again. Honestly, I was hesitant at first because of the price tag, but now I’m a believer.


15975 Chaney Thompson Rd SE
Huntsville, AL 35803

We started at MSH two years ago and are well into our third school year. Every year, my son has grown by leaps and bounds. Due to the three year cycle espoused by Montessori, he had the same teachers his first two years and has moved into a new class this year with a range of ages. The transition went beautifully and he loves his new teachers and friends. He likes how the big boys and girls help him complete tasks and learning to do things on his own! The administration and staff of the school love and respect the children and it shows in the quality of the education. As parents, we have found a home here as well with the tight-knit community and they myriad of opportunities available to all family members to get involved and help out at the school. We love Montessori School of Huntsville! – Ashley D.

I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for day care or pre-school for your toddler. When I found MSH I was not thinking about school yet, but since my first visit I never had a second thought that this was where I wanted my son. I hope that he will stay through 6th grade in this amazing school. Every child at this school is amazing, a true testament to how this method of teaching can build intelligent, independent leaders for the next generations. – Amber

My son has been going to Montesssori School of Huntsville for 4 years now. I have been amazed at his progress and education. I am a firm supporter of the Montessori Method and have implemented many of the ideas and tools at home. I plan to keep my son in MSH for as long as we can. Molly R.

Our son has been attending Montessori School of Huntsville for over a year, and we couldn’t be happier. There is such a huge benefit to starting your child off with a montessori education. When we first went to the school to learn about the methods of montessori we were taken aback by the calm atmosphere and the independence of the children. We were amazed! We met our son’s teachers and spoke with them before we chose to send him there. I cannot say enough about the wonderful teachers and staff at the school. They are there to help your child grow individually, and they put their hearts into it. My son is 3 1/2 and he loves school and loves to learn. I credit that in large part to Montessori School of Huntsville. If you are considering Montessori school I suggest you check it out like we did – take a tour and learn about the method…you won’t be disappointed! – Ava


228 Mt. Zion Road
Madison, AL
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Wonderful facilities, caring and experienced teachers. My daughter has loved it. – Jen B.


5614 Highway 53
Harvest, AL 35749
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This is a wonderful Christian program. They love each and every child that walk through the doors. – Jennifer N.
My son has been enrolled in this program for two years. He has learned so much and is truly loved by his teachers. I feel safe and happy leaving him with such caring teachers! – Courtney


115 Rebecca Pines Drive
Madison, AL 35758

My kids (twin boys) love going to Peridot Montessori. It is a brand new Montessori school in Madison that opened this spring 2017 and my boys were the first students to join. I like the personal care that Gretchen shows on each of my boys and the interest she shows in identifying each child’s potential and adding more learning activities based on her findings. I chose this school for my kids especially after looking at how Gretchen is raising her own son. She is passionate about Montessori way of teaching and i can see that in her every act. Also, my boys and i love the school set up and environment. – Pradeepa S. 


124 Plaza Blvd
Madison, AL 35758
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My daughter has been attending Primrose School of Madison since she was six months old. I truly feel that each of the teachers my daughter has had genuinely cares about her well-being. She has excelled far beyond her peer group, which I credit to Primrose. It’s a great feeling when you drop your child off in the morning and she runs to her teacher full of giggles and hugs. I am confident that Primrose will continue to provide a positive environment for my child to learn and grow in. – Jennifer G.

If you are looking for a school for your children, I highly recommend Primrose of Madison. The entire organization is top notch. Please feel free to call or visit and see for yourself. – Trudi V.


5014 Bradford Dr
Huntsville, AL 35805
Visit Website

Both of my young boys go to this school and I love it! My youngest, 1 year old, is already signing things. My oldest is autistic and they let his therapists come to school and accommodate all of his needs. They are totally parent-friendly too. I can stop by anytime and visit, and they love to have parents attend parties or even just stop by to read a book. My favorite thing about the school is the curriculum. It allows my children to be themselves while learning at the same time. There is always something fun going on there. We are a Primrose family for life! – Rebecca J.


1005 Drake Avenue
Huntsville, AL 35802

We are so thankful that the Randolph School is in our community! Our son absolutely loves to go to school! The curriculum gives children a well-rounded education which includes art, music, science lab, computer, foreign language and physical education. I highly recommend Randolph to all families looking for a high academic school that truly loves its students and pushes them to succeed! We are overwhelmed by the opportunities at Randolph and the education we are giving our son. He is so excited to attend school every day! – Lindsay R.

This summer was the 1st time doing camps at Randolph. Our children (K, 2nd, 4th) had a blast! They looked forward to going each morning even with having to get up and leave early since it was a 30+ min drive there. – Lisa M.

The summer camps at Randolph are amazing and the teachers are great. They are worth the money and would recommend the camp to anyone who asks. – Jennifer S.


5050 Technology Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805
(256) 489-7512

My daughter is in her second year at the Rise School of Huntsville, it has been such a blessing. My daughter has Down Syndrome and she is included in every activity in her class along with her typical peers. The teachers are wonderful and my daughter loves going to school. I love the fact that the classes are made up of half typical kids and half special needs, they benefit from each other. – Patty B.


3322 South Memorial Parkway #622
Huntsville, AL
(256) 286-3040

Excellent tutoring & homeschooling services. 


1057 Hughes Road
Madison, AL
(256) 722-0772

We switched our son from a Madison public school to St. John’s after a rough kindergarten year. The difference has been night and day – his confidence has risen dramatically and he’s progressing academically. – Stephenie W.



We have attended Trinity CDC since my son was 8 months old. We love our Trinity CDC home. Ms. Sheryl, the Director, and the entire staff are awesome! – Karen H.


Madison, Huntsville, AL

We have had great success with Tutor Doctor! Highly recommend them and very easy to work with. – Betsy W.


6806 Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, AL

I love the teachers and other staff, and so does my daughter! The play areas are great, and she always comes home with some great art projects! – Jayme


7625 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, AL

My son went through the preschool program and finished with the Kindergarten program at WEE. It is a fantastic place! The small group setting and attention to each child is excellent. The director and assistant director take the utmost care with all the children. I highly recommend! – Tammi M.