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Spring Concerts on the Dock at Lowe Mill… with Kids!


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Spring Concerts on the Dock at Lowe Mill… with Kids!

concerts on the dock

You know warmer weather is around the corner when the good people at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment announce their Spring Concerts On the Dock lineup, and this year is a DOOZY!

This is one of our favorite free family events, and there are a few tips we’ve shared below to make bringing the kids a little easier. It can get crowded, and planning ahead is a must to maximize enjoyment.

But first – look who’s coming to CoD!

2019 Spring Concerts On the Dock Lineup

  • Every Friday at Lowe Mill from 6-9 PM
  • FREE admission, $5 parking

April 19
Quantaphonics | Take a sneak peek here.

April 26
Taylor Hunnicutt | Take a sneak peek here.

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May 3
Tremble Weeds | Take a sneak peek here.

May 10
Rob Aldridge & The Proponents | Take a sneak peek here.

May 17
Russell Cook and The Sweet Teeth| Listen here.

May 24
CodeName Underground | Take a sneak peek here.

May 31

June 7

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Concerts On the Dock Parent Pro-Tips

  • It Can Be Crowded – I like to dress my kids in brightly colored shirts so I can keep an eye on them easier. The layout of the event is very open with lots of space to run and play. If you have a crowd-darter, you’ll want to stay close. Arriving a bit early can make sure you get the seat of your choice and avoid long food lines.
  • It Can Be Hot – It’s Alabama, ya’ll. Apply sunscreen to the whole family and prepare to stay hydrated by bringing water from home. Don’t forget your Piper & Leaf tea jars – mine stay in my car just for Concerts on the Dock season.
  • Pack a Picnic – It’s common for folks to bring a huge spread, from pizzas to sandwiches and everything in between. You can also grab a bite from Happy TummyChef Will, and Pofta Buna. There are usually even more food truck options each night of the concerts. It’s also permitted to BYOB and everyone does so responsibly. Don’t forget the lawn chairs and picnic blankets, as well as bug spray when the evenings are warm. Leave room for dessert at Pizzelle’s Confections or Suzy Pops, and remember to bring your Piper & Leaf tea jugs.
  • Be Prepared to Play – Lowe Mill usually provides hoola hoops and sidewalk chalk for kids to play with while they listen to the band. There always seems to be a game of tag going on with the kids, and lots of times someone brings bubbles!
  • Tap Into Some Puppy Power – This is a dog-friendly event, and many people bring Fido along to enjoy the concert. Chances are you’re kiddo is going to want to pet one. Always ask before you do and practice good doggie etiquette anytime kids and pets mix.

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  • Leave the Wheels at Home – No roller blades, scooters, bikes, or skateboards are allowed. It’s just too easy to hurt someone.
  • Explore the Mill – The artists love visitors and this is a great time to explore the halls of Lowe Mill. Some studios even offer kid’s art sessions while parents enjoy the concerts!
  • Carpool if You Can – If you have a large group coming to the concert, know that parking is limited and carpooling encouraged. Parking is $5 starting this Spring.


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