The Year I Had a Chocolate Angel

We love to hear stories of real local parents and people from the Huntsville community, especially around the Christmas and Winter holidays. This year we decided to share our favorites with you. Rachel Brown is a local mom and also known as Rocket City Dietitian. She is all-too-familiar with the dangers of working retail during the holidays.

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I was working as a chocolatier at Godiva while studying to be a dietitian in college in Nashville, like you do. I’ve always had the ability to up-sell when working the floor during holidays and my manager loved this.

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One afternoon during the Christmas season, a well-known local celebrity walked in and I offer to help him. He asks about the different chocolate boxes and gifts for various people. Then he asks me, “What would you want to get?!” and gestured around the store. Me – being the little salesperson I am – stepped over to the most expensive chocolate box we sold at $150 and said, “This one!” He said “Ok – I’ll take that one too.”

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I rang up his order and wrapped up the boxes. As I hand him his bags, he gives me the bag with the $150 box of chocolates and said “Merry Christmas!” then promptly went out the doors. I was shocked!

I ran out of the store yelling his name to tell him he left his bag. He turns and says, “I asked you what you wanted for Christmas… so Merry Christmas!”

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Let’s just say my roommate and I ate well for several weeks! I’ll never forget the generosity of the Chocolate Angel.

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