Local parents give us the lowdown on area kid-friendly area restaurants. Yae or Nay? Find out!

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Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria & Gelateria in Madison

Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria’s location in Madison is spacious, funky, and most importantly, TASTY!

Cuban Café

The Cuban Café is Nacho Average Restaurant

If you’re reading this review, then it’s probably only a short drive to The Cuban Café in Madison, AL. But will the kids like it?

Smoothies-N-Things Cafe

Smoothies-N-Things Cafe Blends Up a Tasty Lunch

More than just smoothies, this place might be become your family’s favorite lunch spot in Madison!

Huntsville Restaurant Week with Kids 2018

Here’s all the yummy places you can #DineHsv with kids for Huntsville Restaurant Week this year!

Best Date Restaurants for Teens in Huntsville

Check out these five date restaurants for teens in Huntsville that are wallet-friendly yet still deliver a lot of impact.

Parent Review: Oshi Poke Bowl & Sushi

That time Bo went for poke in Huntsville. See what happens at Oshi Poke Bowl & Sushi.

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Bo’s Top 5 Parent Restaurant Reviews

Bo has reviewed over 40 Huntsville restaurants on behalf of local families, keeping an eye out for kid’s menus, changing tables, and good eats.

Pofta Buna: When a Pancake & a Tortilla Have a Love Child

Crepe fans in Huntsville will be excited to learn more about Pofta Buna International, the new eatery at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. But will your kids like it?

Metro Diner Huntsville Madison

Metro Diner Madness in Madison

Order up! There’s a new restaurant in Madison, so we sent our RCM Restaurant Reviewer over to the Metro Diner to see what all the hub-bub is about.

Hunt Club review

Game On: Head to the Hunt Club for a Carnivorous Dream

You can eat 14 different animals at Hunt Club Burgers n Grill. But will the kids like it? Our resident restaurant correspondent went to find out.