Local parents give us the lowdown on area kid-friendly area restaurants. Yae or Nay? Find out!

Po-Boy Factory

This is as close to real cajun food as you can get outside of the Big Easy and it’s very authentic. It’s also not a “fancy pants” place – at all. That said, you can certainly bring your kids and you won’t feel out of place but it isn’t going to be healthy food either.

Cantina Laredo

With it’s upscale Mexican style food and drinks, it was gourmet enough to make us feel like me were having an “adult” meal but there were other children in the restaurant and our toddler had plenty of kid-friendly options to choose from.

Jason’s Deli

A deli-style chain restaurant that boasts a healthy kids menu (complete with calorie and fat gram information for each item), Jason’s Deli is also very popular with my husband’s friends at work so we decided to check it out.

I Love Sushi

Sushi loving parents are often at a loss for what to feed their picky kids but I’ve learned if you start them early, kids love sushi and especially eating with their hands…


The atmosphere here is certainly kid-friendly and when we went (late August) they were running a special where kids ate free on weekends…

Rosie’s Mexican Cantina

We were seated in a side area that seemed to have a lot of kids in it (which I prefer when possible…