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Making Mom Friends during a Screaming Baby’s Nap Time

Making Mom Friends during a Screaming Baby’s Nap Time

  • Where can you go to meet other local moms? Lauren is on a quest to find out.

You can cue the dramatic adventure music, because I’m on the search for mom friends and I feel every bit like the brave hero going out on a quest for glory. Except in this story, a global pandemic is the villain and the screaming eight-month old strapped to my back in a baby carrier takes the place of a trusty sword.

Obviously I know the importance of having a circle of mom friends to support me through my motherhood journey, but as an introvert I have to say I like the idea of being social more than the practice of actually doing it. After all I have leggings, oversized t-shirts, and a mountain of books to keep me company right?

But, after 8 months of talking to very few people besides a baby that can’t talk back, I’ve come to realize there is a human connection my extremely tired mama heart desires. That although I have a set of wonderful friends and family that are in various and exciting stages of life, it might be nice to talk to someone that just…get’s it. Because let’s be real, motherhood is the single most exhausting and simultaneously beautiful thing you can experience and there’s just nothing quite like it.

Baby Steps to Making Mom Friends

While still pregnant with my son, I kept coming across recommendations for the Peanut on all the local mom groups. Being the introvert I am, using an app to get the conversation started seemed like a dream! Copying the same approach as dating apps, Peanut “matches” you with local moms that are in similar stages of life.

Can Peanut help you find your “mom match”?

To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for it. I went in not sure about the security and if it would actually lead to anything beyond a single, stilted conversation. I was pleasantly surprised with safety checks that confirmed that I am who I claim to be in my pictures. And I was even more pleasantly surprised to connect with a local mom with similar interests to me.

After a lengthy conversation on the app we decided to meet up for coffee. There we learned that we both enjoy reading and made plans to meet again once I had my son. Since Oliver’s arrival we’ve enjoyed lunch dates, trips to the Huntsville Botanical Garden, shared babywearing tips, and much more. She also helped me get started with cloth diapering and has offered invaluable tips along the way!

Although the app was a success in making a mom friend, I also thought it would be great to step outside my comfort zone. After all, a village doesn’t consist of two people.

Join Me on My Friendship Quest

So remember that quest for glory I mentioned? Well I’m inviting you to follow along with me and maybe even join me too! Even though going out to events where I won’t know another adult is VERY high on my list of things I don’t like doing, I will be fighting the urge to bail and trying out some of the exciting programs in Madison County. From storytimes to visiting different mom groups, you get the front row seat on my mom friend journey! My hope is that if you’re like me, you too can start your own quest to building your village.

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