Back to School Guide for Huntsville & Madison County

Ready or not, here it comes! Schedules. Early bedtimes. Shiny new supplies. Homework. Some call it a hassle, while others call it a return to sanity, but we all know it as Back To School Madness! We hope this Back to School Guide for Huntsville helps you up your BTS game and make your year a bit easier.

There’s something here for parenting Preschool through High School. Just click on the orange article titles to read more – you’re guaranteed to be at the top of the parenting class!

Back to School Guide for Huntsville & the Tennessee Valley

  • FIRST – You gotta prepare. Get your students ready to hit the books with these tips on buying school supplies, riding the bus, and more!
  • FINALLY – Be informed. Stay in the know about all your educational options and resources from tutors, classes, and inspiring local educators.

Back to School Frequently Asked Questions

When Do Kids Go Back to School in 2019?

Huntsville City Schools – August 5
Madison County Schools – August 7
Madison City Schools – August 7
Limestone County Schools – August 5
Athens City Schools – August 13
Decatur City Schools – August 7
Florence City Schools – August 8
Gadsden City Schools – August 7
Guntersville City Schools – August 7
Hartselle City Schools – August 7
Jackson County Schools – August 7
Marshall County Schools – August 7
Morgan County Schools – August 8
Scottsboro City Schools – August 7

What Vaccines Do My Kids Need for School?

Each child enrolled in day care, Head Start, and public or private school in Alabama must have a valid Alabama Certificate of Immunization on file at the facility that they attend. The certificate may be obtained from the physician or clinic that administers the vaccine or may be completed by any county health department in the State if the parent presents a vaccine record from the provider.

Get details about which vaccines are needed per age and grade on the Alabama Public Health Department website.

Where Can I Find Information About Homeschooling in Huntsville?

Check out our Homeschooling Guide to Huntsville & North Alabama.

Where Can I Get Information About Local Field Trips?

Search about all the educational field trips our area has to offer by grade, subject, and topic on this website.