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A Much Needed Laugh

A Much Needed Laugh

To say it’s been a tough week would be the understatement of the century.

Please remember that as you deal with what happened and help the recovery effort in any way you can, it’s also important to take care of yourself. You are no good to your family or your community if you run yourself into the ground. Be sure to make a little time for yourself too. Personally, I’m ready for a little levity. For me, one of the absolute best things about being a mom is all the funny things my kid does and says. No matter how frustrating she can be, my LO can also make me laugh hysterically (and sometimes often these occur at the same time).

T-shirt You Could Win!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d ask other area moms to share their funniest kid-related moment, saying, incident, photo, whatever. I’ll gather them all together in one (or more) blog posts and put them on the site on Sunday. Then, readers can vote for their favorite and the winner (or winners depending on how close the voting is) will win a Maggie Crisler Sweet Home Alabama t-shirt (winner picks color and size).

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I’ve already ordered two of these shirts for myself and think a prize that includes a donation to tornado victims is a fitting tribute to area moms. So, get out those hysterical photos, type up your favorite embarrassing kid-moment and send them to

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RULES: You have until Saturday at Noon to submit an entry. Voting will start as soon as the post is live and will end Wednesday, May 11th at 6 p.m. I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter soon after that. Good luck and thanks in advance for the chuckles.



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  • Saturday mornings were “errands day”, since I traveled almost every week on business. I took my son in the mini-van with me to the cleaners, Post Office, copy shop, bank and other weekly stops. We usually enjoyed breakfast (if he behaved during errands), and this particular Saturday morning we dined at the south’s staple, a Waffle House. Daniel was 2 at the time, and, when the waitress came to the table, he asked her “Um, what happened to your tooth?”. She only had one. AWKWARD !!

    • Tim – I have a very similar story only mine happened in Target. My daughter (2.5 at the time) saw a man walking towards us and he was wearing an eye patch from an obvious accident. She pointed right at him and at the top of her lungs (very excited) yelled. “Mommy, look it’s a pirate!”

      I wanted to die and just mouthed, “sorry” to him. He obviously heard her but he just kept walking!

  • The most embarrassing moment happened today(5-7-11). We were sitting on the porch with family friends and my son whom has just been potty trained decided he needed to use the bathroom. Next door the house is for sale and the Realtor was there showing it to a couple. My son walks over to the fence dividing the yards and decides to use the bathroom there. It was soo embarrassing!!! We had tried to get him to go somewhere else and it was too late. The Realtor and couple laughed and about cried. I guess if you got to pee, you just got to pee!!

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