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A Handmade Halloween

A Handmade Halloween

Because I grew up on a farm several miles from the nearest town, my childhood memories of Halloween largely consist of parties that my parents took us to rather than trick or treating. That sounds terrible to many people but I never felt cheated. I have great memories of these parties and more importantly, my entire family including my parents getting dressed up in our Halloween gear. In our house there was one hard and fast rule – NO STORE BOUGHT COSTUMES. I’m not sure if that was driven by my mom’s frugality or creativity but my best guess is both. What I am sure of is that it led to some truly “unique” costumes including my 10-year-old version of Madonna back in her Material Girl phase which is still possibly my favorite Halloween costume ever.

Now another Halloween is almost here and while I don’t look down on those who use store bought costumes, I get a special thrill when I see those homemade creations headed up our driveway. Do you feel the same way but have found yourself creatively blocked? Pinterest to the rescue! Katie introduced us to the wonders of this virtual pin-board just this past Sunday and while it has many uses, the absolute best is for inspiration.

Just look at the super cute family costume I found the other day!


How cute is that? I’m a big fan of “themed” costumes and this really requires only one costume purchase (the police officer) and even most of that could be created at home with a large oversized blue men’s shirt, a belt, sunglasses and the purchase of a police hat.

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Short on sewing skills? No problem, check out this costume made up of basically what your child already has around the house (rain boots, umbrella, stuffed animals) and a little creativity.


Or this one that just requires a cute face , a little facepaint, and a sharpie.


Still not convinced that Pinterest is the greatest thing ever? Check out these pumpkins and tell me if you’re not going to run out and buy some gourds just to try it. How awesome would that look on your porch? Really awesome!


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And these Wicked Witch bags of popcorn are simple genius and the perfect addition to any self-respecting Halloween party.


If you are now convinced you want a homemade Halloween experience, check out the rest of my Halloween board, and then start your own. If you need an invite to join Pinterest, leave me a note in the comments and I’ll be happy to send one your way. I’m all about sharing my finds and stealing others!

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  • Thanks for the inboard, it’s really useful. It’s always good to see people exercise their creativity and make their own costumes. It’s one of the topics we covered in our latest project. Hope you have a good Halloween, and take more pics to share.

    • Thanks. It is sooo underdeveloped. I focused on Halloween for timeliness reasons but I’m so excited about adding a Thanksgiving board/Holiday board and then…baby books/preschool books/tween books and recipes and….can you buy stock in Pinterest?

  • New to your blog-we have a mutual love??? of Joe’s boot camp! I would love an invite to pinterest.

  • I love Halloween and every year I get so excited about fall and everything to do with it! I have been obsessed with Pinterest and learning to “DIY”. I have learned so much and love it! I love this article, and will be following yall on Pinterest! I always want to dress up so unique and it almost never works out. Now that I have a 2 year old to dress up, I am hoping to make her costume! wish me luck! 🙂

  • These are some really cute ideas! I wish I had the extra creativity to come up with some homemade costumes!! Maybe this year??

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