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Madison City Schools Invites You to Honor Your Educator During Teacher Appreciation Week

Madison City Schools Invites You to Honor Your Educator During Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Teacher Appreciation Week is usually the first week of May.
honor your educator

Madison City Schools has a great way that families can show appreciation to the teachers that have made an impact on student’s lives. “Honoring Your Educator” launched in May 2020 for Teacher Appreciation Week, but is also a great way to say thank you to a teacher during the holidays or year-round! This website makes it very easy for parents, grandparents, mentors and friends of students to give back to teachers by honoring them in a meaningful way.

honor your educator

How It Works

For those interested, you may make an online gift on their secure website. You will be asked to select the Madison City School in which your student attends and the educator that has made an impact. The gift will then be transferred to the school and into the classroom account of the educator you choose! The teacher will be able to use this gift for their classroom or department to continue to benefit all students.

Not only will the educator receive the gift for their area, they will also be recognized publicly with a certificate and pin to wear. The recipient will never know the amount of your gift, so nothing is too small or large. Madison City Schools hope this is a simple way to recognize those who invest in our students, as well as continue a legacy in their classroom for years to come.

How to Support Students Too!

Since Spring of 2020, many families have experienced tougher financial times. Some students are struggling to pay for a yearbook, class field trip, ACT prep assistance, tutoring, academic fee, cap and gown – any out-of-pocket expense related to a school function, class or extra-curricular. In the past, many wonderful teachers and staffs have generously covered such expenses, often anonymously. Now the community can also help! A new “Supporting our Students” initiative will be funded by donations and doled out by a MCS committee on a case-by-case basis. All donations to this fund will be tax deductible.

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For more information, questions, or alternative donations, please contact Lee Shaw in the the MCS Development Office.

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